“Designing websites to enhance the experience of your target audience.”

Lasher Works is geared to, Dynamic Website Design and Development. Using content standards such as HTML5, presentation standards such as CSS3, combined with JavaScript and jQuery to enable Front-End or browser activated coding to put everything in motion and PHP to do some heavy lifting on the server side or Back-End to make a website truly interactive. Using these disciplines in the right measure, is a recipe to produce a website your audience will want to spend more time exploring. Because I am commited to designing websites to enhance the experience of your target audience, I will enhance your tired, static site by incorporating user interaction where possible. Let me bring your code up to 21st century standards and make it SEO friendly too. Contact me today.

As a web developer / designer I feel that I have an obligation to share my experience, code snippets & other resources that I have picked up along the way to help those who also enjoy making the World Wide Web a better place. By working together and sharing better coding practices we can look to a better user experience for all.

Feature Code Tips

CSS3 Animation

A little CSS3 goes a long way. You’ll be amazed how easy it is to animate almost any HTML element using only CSS3. No longer is it necessary to need complicated JavaScript or Flash! to animate objects on your website.

Not sure you’re up to the coding challange? Would a video tutorial help you add some CSS animation to your site? Click on a feature image, check out the examples I put together and there you’ll find a link to get you started!

Web Design

Responsive Website Design

Responsive web page design ensures your site looks good on any device

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Graphic Design

Graphics Design

Business cards, branding logos, brochures, invitations & announcements

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Digital Art

Digital Art

I will create a memerable work of digital art from your existing images

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